INEX/ZAMIR has been supplying proven ALPR (Automatic License Plate Reader) technology for over fifteen years. We are the technology resource that organizations around the world recognize as the real solution and service provider for their most demanding applications. The INEX/ZAMIR software and hardware offerings effectively capture license plate data and other information from passing vehicles in real time at anytimeday or night.   INEX/ZAMIR can provide the necessary tools for the successful integration of captured license plate data with your application or can provide customized, turnkey solutions tailored to meet your needs.Whether your requirements are for Toll Violation Enforcement Systems, Parking Revenue Management, Traffic Monitoring, Security, Travel Time Reporting, Access Control or simply gathering data for analysis, INEX/ZAMIR can provide you with the hardware and software solutions that get the project to completion on time and to your specification

Featured Product
HY Camera Illuminatorinex hy
The HY is designed to provide high quality license plate images for use with Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems.
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Access Control

Inex policeWith systems operating on all continents except Antarctica, we have the experience to provide the technology that will give trouble free service well into the future